This blog may be written about dairy, but in my life I have come to know God and know that He gave me ALL that I have including this crazy passion for agriculture!  So if you will, take a moment to read what God has done in my life as I walk with Him.  I grew up in a God-fearing home, went to Sunday school, attended church and Bible camp all the way through high school.  I have had my fair share of struggles, but one of the greatest is fully trusting and believing what God says about His creation – me.  I have struggled with self-doubt for many reasons.  From maybe a look someone gave me as a kid on the bus, to a sly comment from someone in the school hallway, or even at times comments from my family.  I started to believe some of the things people said, and it lead me down a road to doubting myself, and doubting that God loved who I was and believed in me.  Fear can have such a hold on people and this self-doubt often made me fearful.  Unfortunately there are probably things I miss out on in life just because I need more faith!!  But through counseling, reading the Bible, praying, and surrounding myself with people who believe in me – I am growing in faith!  God has shown me that He loves me no matter what, He accepts me for who I am and He will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be here for me, forever.  God has set a fire in my heart for Him that I know will never burn out as long as I continue to follow after Him.  God has brought me through many trials in my self-doubt and He will do the same for you no matter your struggle.  All things are possible with Him!  I still struggle with self-doubt at times and I am SO FAR from perfect, but because of Jesus in my life I have been saved from my struggles and I have hope in Him.  Right now in my life God’s teaching me about loving others as He loves them.  God puts different things on my heart daily, a recent one that I have been thinking over is what I hold on to the most in this world.  People are what matter in this earth, not materials or accomplishments.  We will all die and leave behind a legacy of some sort.  Even though I may have many dreams and goals that I wish to accomplish in this life, I want my life to ultimately be about pointing people to God.  So I am learning that instead of hanging on tighter to cows’ teats (dairy humor haha!), barbells (weight-lifting humor haha!), my pride or even my violin…IT’S God that I need more and more of!  By loosening my grip on the things of this world I can grow closer and closer to God, and tighten my grip on Him!  I challenge you to think about what you value most in this world?  Whatever it is, it is NOT more important than a relationship with your true Creator, God.

I hope that my story has encouraged you somehow.  My sources for this are the Bible and what God has done in my life.


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