Dairy Resources

In an effort to help connect the rest of the world with the dairy industry I have linked various helpful resources for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

To find great videos from the National Dairy Farm Program about animal care, visit the YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/NationalDairyFARM and their website, http://www.nationaldairyfarm.com/animal-care-program.

To find other great blogs from dairymen and women from across the United States check out, proudtodairy.ning.com/page/dairy-blogs-we-love. 

The National Dairy Farm Magazine for all your dairy information needs, check it out at www.hoards.com.

The Midwest Dairy Association represents more than 9,500 dairy farm families and 38 million consumers.  They work to improve consumer confidence in dairy products and practices.  See their website at www.midwestdairy.com.

DairyBusiness combines publications, radio, Internet seminars, and video production.  They show a successful example of “integrated dairy media” information.  Learn more at www.dairybusiness.com.

Holstein World is a thorough historical and current resource to learn more about bloodlines, families and trends of the Holstein breed and the dairy industry, www.holsteinworld.com.

Cowsmopolitan is an international All Breeds Dairy Magazine, family-run Magazine based out of western Canada.  Check out their site here, www.cowsmo.com.


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